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Spicey comes to us from champion blood lines. She is beautifully conformed. "Spicey" has a personality to match her name.  She loves the show ring and has a beautiful self stack.  Spicey has a passion for toys and claims every new one that comes into the house.  She loves people and the Spice Girl likes to be in charge! We'd like to thank Cris Natali of Criscross Dachshunds for trusting us with this beautiful little girl!   We love ya', Cris!
CONFORMATION Champion points to date:  5
                                The latest news: 
            Spicey's puppies born Nov. 2, 2009!
 Happy Birthday to our first little ZaDox Dachshunds! 
Criscross Spice Girl MS
Atlanta, GA show Sept 18,19,20 and 21, 2008