Englelong Arrayed Like Solomon MS
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The latest news!!!
  Solomon Goes Absolute with a total stake of
111 dachshunds, Sunday 3/27/2011 at the DCMA Field Trial in Rock Spring, GA!  Solomon has all his wins and lacks a single point to finish his field championship!
Way to go Solomon!!!  
 Solomon takes best of winners for a four point major in Franklin, TN!
 Nashville Kennel Club dog show 3/14/2010
Thank you judge Dany Canino!
The Rock 'n Roll judge from the movie
"Best in Show  "
Solomon takes two third place placements and 16 points At the DCMA Field Trial March 2010
He need a First and 19 points to finish his FC!
Solomon is well on his way to a dual championship!
Solomon goes NBQ two days in a row at the DCMA Field Trial in Rock Spring, Georgia March 20-22, 2009
Englelong Silas Jack Daniels MS    
Silas Jack takes BOS