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Our beautiful Sienna was our inspiration.  She, like her name sake is our "red earth" dog.  She gave us the hunger to show miniature Dachshunds.   
Sienna has 2 AKC conformation champion points.  She's our new field champion!  This exceptional little bunny hunter finished her Field Championship quickly at her third FT on March 20, 2009 with a total of 66 points.  Sienna has a great athletic ability.  She has a great "nose" loves the field and trailing rabbits.
Our new field champion FC Lady Scarlett Sienna
was bred by Kelly Young of Kountry Road Kennel.

       We love you!  Kelly 
Lady Scarlett Sienna.
Sienna takes 2nd place at the Bayou Dachshund Club of New Orleans Field Trial 11/1-2/2008.
  Sienna Takes "Best Open" at the DCMA FT March 2009.Our new Field Champion:
FC Lady Scarlett Sienna